If You Like This, Try...

About This Tasting


If You Like This, Try… is a guided tasting to discover new wines with just as much versatility as the classics. You’ll learn the basics of wine tasting and then taste through a flight of six wines that have a similar profiles to well-known wines like chardonnay, pinot noir, and cabernet sauvignon, but with a twist.  Break out of your wine rut and get ready to surprise future wining companions with your original taste.

Every Wine With Friends tasting includes an interactive presentation and guided tasting led by a certified sommelier or wine educator, full set-up/tear-down with professional glassware and wine service, reference material and tasting cards for note-taking, and optional complimentary Wine With Friends membership for access to our special content and the opportunity to build your Virtual Cellar. 

Pricing does not include the cost of wine.  Your wine professional will contact you with ordering details for wine options at three tiers: value (approx. $60 for a tasting for 2-8 friends or $120 for 9-15 friends), classic ($150/$300), or premium ($300/$600).  We work only with trusted local retailers who will deliver the wine to you in time for your tasting.

If You Like This, Try... for 2-8 Friends

$250 + wine

2 hours

DC Metro Area

If You Like This, Try... for 9-16 Friends

$350 + wine

2 hours

DC Metro Area