A Taste of Summer

Summer Sips


Summer Somming.

When the heat is on, it’s time to chill out and take a more relaxed approach to wine. Enjoy low-key picnic and beach friendly pours that are portable, packable, and deliciously unpretentious. So refreshing.

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Hooray for Rosé!


Oh hey, Rosé.

It’s the wine we all want to be with- gorgeous but approachable with style and substance. Indulge your blush crush and meet a variety of shades and styles from around the world. Your perfect pink is out there.

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Classic Tasting Menu

Discover Your Palate


Fruity? Dry? Bold? Earthy?

You know what you like, but do you know why? This tasting will teach you the basics of wine structure, varietals, and regions so you can explore new wines with confidence.

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Wine 101


Drink and know things.

Like wine but find the whole game a bit mystifying? Just a small amount of knowledge can completely change the experience and up your enjoyment. Cheers to liquid learning!

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Wine Around the World


Take your tastebuds on tour.  

Enjoy signature wines from classic wine regions of the world. Learn about the people, places, and cultures that make these wines so unique and so  representative of their homelands.

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Wine Seeking Food


They were made for each other!

Discover the secrets of pairing and play matchmaker to a lineup of wines and snacks. One part art, one part science, and one part your own unique inspiration that no algorithm can beat.

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Pop Pop Fizz Fizz


Who Doesn't Love Bubbles?

We'll be poppin' bottles of sparklers from around the world and learning just how they get those bubbles in there. 

Also ask us about our Champagne Tea Party or Bubble Brunch!

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If You Like This, Try....


Dear cab, pinot, chard, and champy: We love you, but we need some space.  Get out of your comfort zone and explore new and different wines that can be every bit as versatile and palate pleasing as your old safeties.   

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Design a Custom Event


Got something special in mind?

We'd be happy to help you create an incredible, unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience designed just for you and your crew.

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